Photography Exhibit

Blueberry Island

Otie Smith has lived in Liberty for 30-years. In 1967, when his daughter was born, “They wanted big dollars to take pictures of her. So I decided to buy a camera and take pictures myself.” His first camera was a Miranda from a designer in Japan, who later went on to design the popular lightweight camera Olympus 01. He still has an Olympus 01. Self-taught, he used to photograph weddings but moved on to taking mostly wildlife photos. Until about 4-years ago, he used solely film but has recently switched to digital photography. Both types are in this exhibit. He enjoys taking photos of the Maine coast, Mt. Katahdin, Acadia National Park, and many locations around the Liberty area. All of Otie’s 8.5 x 11-inch photographs displayed at the library are for sale. Framed are $30. Unframed are $20. Be sure to look through his album of 106 more photographs while you’re visiting.
Thank you to Otie for exhibiting his work at short notice due to unexpected cancellation of the planned student art exhibit.

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