Kevin Mizner – Oil Paintings

Hay Break by Kevin Mizner

Kevin Mizner is a self-taught artist who has been painting Maine and her people for over forty years. His work will be on display at the library during September. For the past ten years, he has been painting full-time at his home in Pittston, Maine. “Everything I paint is from my own experience, observation, and emotion. I feel that authenticity and emotion in a painting cannot be conjured, it must be real.”

His technique is based on traditional oil painting practices, utilizing photographs, sketches, and studies, both on site and in the studio — anything I can use — to make the best painting I can produce. Because in the end, only the painting can tell the story.”  See more at

Kevin Mizner was born in Philadelphia, Pa and came to Maine when his family moved here when he was five years old. That so happens to be the same time he picked up a pencil and tried to draw and has been making art ever since. He grew up in North Yarmouth, and after high school, enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. Upon the end of his enlistment and having a family of my own to raise, he came back to Maine. He currently lives in the beautiful central Maine region in the town of Pittston.

His Americana Series stems from his love of American history and deep curiosity of what the world of our ancestors may have been like. “These paintings are my time machine.  I simply want to catch regular people doing the every-day activities that made up their lives, but in settings that may still be familiar to us. I start with my imagination, but then through much research, authentic clothing and props, I strive to make my vision come to life.”

“It seems I can’t paint just “a Landscape” or “a Seascape,” to me they are portraits of old friends I’ve come to know, understand and love.”

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