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Pottery and Paintings on Exhibit

Sett Balise is a self-taught painter and potter with a couple of decades of practice. Painting influences include the 1800’s era Hudson River School painters like Frederic Church, Albert Bierstadt, Fitz Henry Lane, etc. Some acrylic, but mostly oil on cotton or linen canvas. Ceramics work includes reproductions of ancient to medieval (~600 – 1600 AD) items as well as modern and fantastical work.

All items are for sale (see price on bottom of pottery) and 20% of sales are being donated to the Library. Shop local for your holiday gifts! His Etsy site is Brambledragon.

Sett lives in Liberty and is the manager of The Davistown Museum. Other hobbies include karate, antiquing, the SCA, aquariums, biology and astronomy.





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