Discovery Kits

The library has Discovery Kits for parents, teachers, homeschoolers, and independent learners in the community to borrow and share with family and friends. Each kit contains a unique collection of multi-media materials including books, DVDs, games, and models chosen to appeal to a variety of learning styles and ages.
  •  Discovery Kits may be borrowed by adults age 18 and over with a valid library membership in good standing. One at a time per family.
  • All Discovery Kits circulate for a 2- week period.
  • Kits are examined upon check-out and check-in, and the borrower will be charged a replacement cost for all missing or damaged parts.

List of Discovery KitsKirsten

  1. African Animals 16 plastic animals, DVD “Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears … and more stories from Africa”, and 3 books, including The Ultimate Book of African Animals and 2 Tinga Tinga Tales.
  2. American Girl Doll – Kirsten Kit The library was given a retired American Girl doll, Kirsten Larson, a pioneer girl who travels from Sweden to America and grows-up in Minnesota in 1854. Also included are the boxed-set of 6 books and game about her life; Welcome to Kirsten’s World, 1854; Kirsten’s Craft Book; and several outfits and accessories. This Kit is recommended for ages 7-years and older and handled with adult supervision.
  3. Astronomy Kit Orion 4.5” Starblast Telescope (modified), headlamp, STAR Program Manual, Starry Night DVD and CD software, 7 books, and more. Available at the library DESK. Video about the telescope.
  4. Be Healthy Kit Healthy Helpings game to help kids learn to identify foods and create healthy meals. Plus 5 books about food, nutrition, exercise, and table etiquette.
  5. Birds Kit Vivatar binoculars, Bird Bingo game, 5 books, bird plush toys, and more.
  6. Bugs Kit Bug Hotel, magnifiers, tweezers, net, 5 insect models, lifecycle model, Garden Insects North Woods Guide, 24 Insect Fact Cards, 8 books, and more.
  7. Critical Thinking Kit Makey Makey invention kit, Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game, Connect 4 Game, and two books: One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve with Math!  and Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids. This Kit is recommended for ages 7-years and older.
  8. The Death of a Loved One Kit This kit of materials and picture books is to assist families in healing during periods of trauma. The resources are provided by The Healing Library. 
  9. The Death of a Pet Kit  This kit of materials and picture books is to assist families in healing during periods of trauma. The resources are provided by The Healing Library. 
  10. Dinosaur Kit 13 dinosaur models, puzzle, 4 books, Land Before Time DVD, Essential Dinosaur Pack 2 DVDs, and more.
  11. Doctor Kit A scrub shirt, stethoscope, Doc McStuffins Operation game, arm sling, spiroscope, DVD, books and more. The materials inside can help prepare a preschooler for a visit to the doctor or guide an intermediate child in learning how the the human body works. Books are included for young children who are becoming aware of their bodies and Amazing You! : Getting Smart About Your Private Parts offers a simple explanation of how babies are made.
  12. Early Math Kit Buttons, UNO cards, dominoes, Dora the Explorer Early Addition Flash Cards, 5 books, and more.
  13. Early Reading Kit Starfall Learn to Read pack of 15 Phonic Books, Alphabet Giant Floor Puzzle, Sesame Street Beginning Words Flash Cards, and more.
  14. Electricity Kit Snap Circuits 203 Electronics with 203 Projects using photoresistors, capacitors, transistors, ICs, and the human body. 4 books in series “Understanding Electricity”: What is Electricity?, What are Electrical Circuits?, What are Insulators and Conductors?, and What is Electromagnetism? Recommended for ages 8+. Available at the library DESK.
  15. Farm Kit A farm tote/mat, 15 plastic animals, 1 blue truck, Melissa & Doug Wooden Cube Puzzle, 10 farm blocks/beads, “Tractor Songs” (Audio CD), set of 20 mini books, and 5 hardcover books.
  16. The Gingerbread Man Kit Children have to plan, create and test solutions to get the Gingerbread Man across a river. Includes 3 books (one includes audio CD), gingerbread recipe(s) and cookie cutter.
  17. Goldilocks & the Three Bears Kit Children have to build a chair that even Goldilocks can’t break in the problem solving STEM kit. Also includes 5 books (including a nonfiction book about bear cubs) and a game.
  18. Grandparents Kit This kit is especially for grandparents and their grandchildren to read and do together. It includes 4 books, “The Lucy Show” DVD, dry-erase markers, and activity sheets.
  19. Happy Harp Kit Contains a Hape Harp, 2 picks, tuning wrench, extra string, 6 laminated music sheets, 3 books, and 1 dry erase marker. Recommended for age 3+.
  20. John Henry Kit Children build a working conveyor belt to help John Henry race a steam-powered drill in the problem solving STEM kit. Also includes 2 books and audio CD with folk song and lyrics sheet. Recommended for age 7+.
  21. Johnny Appleseed Kit Kids explore the legend of Johnny Appleseed and then design a fence to hold the most apple trees. Using hands-on materials to build a log fence, kids add model trees in the problem solving STEM kit. Includes 2 books and a DVD. Recommended for age 7+.
  22. Little Red Riding Hood Kit Children have to plan, create and test basket designs to hold Little Red Riding Hood’s apples in the problem solving STEM kit. Also includes 3 books and a DVD.
  23. Maine Kit Maine celebrated its bicentennial (200 years!) in 2020. Maine Studies is a state requirement for homeschooling and elementary schools. This kit contains 8 books, 10 plastic animals, trivia game, and the “Maine County Song” which all celebrate the state of Maine.
  24. Microscope Kit A My First Lab© Microscope, 24 prepared slides, 5 blank slides with lens covers, forceps, dropper, and 3 books. Recommended for age 9+. Available at the library DESK.
  25. Monet’s Garden Kit Visit Claude Monet’s Garden in France with Linnea. Kit includes Linnea doll and outfits, 2 Linnea books, Who Was Claude Monet?, Katie and the Waterlily Pond, and activities to help learn how to draw and paint like Monet.
  26. Paul Bunyan Kit Kids explore the legend of Paul Bunyan and then design a wagon to carry his heavy knapsack using the Problem Solving STEM Kit. Includes 2 books and a DVD. Recommended for age 7+.
  27. Plants Kit (Maine Audubon Nature Explorer Backpack : Plants) Paying attention to plants is a good way to learn more about the ecosystem you are exploring. The materials in this pack will help you learn more about plants. Kit includes Forest Trees of Maine (176 pages);  Take-Along Guide: Berries, Nuts and seeds; Pocket Naturalist Guide: New England Trees & Wildflowers;  magnifying glass ; specimen box; sorting sheet; lapboard; colored pencils; pencil sharpener; crayons; and paint chips all contained in an LL Bean Audubon Society backpack.
  28. Polar Regions Kit A polar bear puppet, 20 plastic animals, 2 sorting circles, and 11 books about the Arctic and Antarctica.
  29. Rapunzel Kit Children have to help a prince scale a tower to rescue Rapunzel in the problem solving STEM kit. Includes 3 books and a DVD.
  30. Ready, Set, Read! Kit Includes books and games to learn juggling, knot tying, yo-yo tricks, drawing with spirals, jump roping, string games, and jacks.  For inspiration, take a look at this boy’s yo-yo tricks.
  31. Rocks & Minerals Kit 12 mineral specimens, poster, magnifiers, 3 books, and more.
  32. Seashore Kit Sand castle toys, seashells, 5 books, and more.
  33. Seasons Readers Pack This 24-book mini-book collection of  guided readers spotlights the wonders of the four seasons and introduces many new words and concepts in four progressing reading levels. It allows you to teach reading and science at the same time.
  34. The Three Billy Goats Gruff Kit Problem solving STEM kit in which kids construct a bridge that keeps 3 goats safe from the troll. Plus 2 books, 1 DVD, and 4 Reader’s Theater scripts.
  35. The Three Little Pigs Kit Problem solving STEM kit in which kids design a house that can’t be blown down. Plus 6 books.
  36. Ukulele Kit A  21-inch Hricane Soprano Ukulele in a gig bag and two books: Ukulele Primer Book for Beginners with DVD by Bert Casey and First 50 Songs You Should Play on Ukulele by Hal Leonard Corp. Recommended for ages 7+. Available at the library DESK.
  37. Vernal Pools Kit Contains tools to explore animals in vernal tools and informational material; Donated by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and the Maine State Library.
  38. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Kit The Very Hungry Caterpillar turned 50 in 2019! Kit includes the classic book, Ten Little Caterpillars and other books; The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other stories DVD; Let’s Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game; Hole Punching Papers & hole punchers; craft activity sheets; Very Hungry Caterpillar Clank Can; and Caterpillar Play Tunnel (Stored separately, NOT IN BOX.) Recommended for ages 2-5 years.
  39. Wildlife Kit  (Maine Audubon Nature Explorer Backpack : Wildlife) This backpack is to make it easier for families to get outside, connect to nature, and learn about Maine’s wildlife and habitat year-round. Kit includes Falcon Guide to Scats & Tracks of the Northeast (149 pages);  Kaufman Guide to New England (416 pages); Pocket Naturalist Guide: Maine Wildlife;  Pocket Naturalist Guide: Bugs and Slugs; magnifying glass; specimen box;  trowel; plastic container with lid;  lapboard; colored pencils; pencil sharpener; animal track rubber stamps;and washable inkpad all contained in an LL Bean Audubon Society backpack.

Request from MILS catalog. Only available for borrow from Liberty Library patrons.

In May 2014, the Liberty Library Association received a Community Building Grant from the Maine Community Foundation to provide hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education for children and their parents. The Discovery Kits were designed so that parents, teachers, homeschoolers, and independent learners in the community have access to tools and materials to share with family and friends. Many additional Discovery Kits have been added since we received that first grant and more are added each year. Several were added in 2018 with funds donated by Megan and Micah Brewer. Visit the Children’s Room at the Library to borrow these resources. A few are available at the Desk.

Through hands-on learning, we will empower the next generation of innovators and leaders.