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Silhouette Artist – Ruth Monsell

Curly head boyCocker SilhouetteThe silhouette is an ancient art form, with its greatest popularity between the mid-18th and 19th centuries. Today silhouette artists are few and difficult to find. Ruth Monsell is one of the top silhouette artists in the country, and her work is in part an effort to keep the esteemed art form alive and available.
We have the opportunity to have Ruth offer traditional, freehand cut silhouettes of children and adults at the library during the last pie sale of the summer on Saturday, August 5th, 9:00am. Ruth lives in Damariscotta so is requesting that we have at least 10 pre-paid sittings arranged in advance. The live five-minute sittings are $30 per person for traditional, freehand cut silhouettes, which results in two mirror image silhouettes, with 5×7-inch mounts included. The artist will also happily create silhouettes of pets, infants, and loved loves not present from clear profile photographs. The silhouettes can be framed and treasured to be passed on to the next generation.

To reserve a sitting time on Saturday, August 5th, please email Barb Rehmeyer. Ruth will also be doing drop-in sittings that day, but we must have 10 confirmed reservations in advance in order to arrange the event. Please contact asap. The silhouettes not only provide a custom heirloom but are also entertaining. Watching profiles quickly emerge from just small scissors and black paper is fun to watch, and the comment she hears most frequently is “amazing!”

For more information and instructions about how to take profile photos and watch a video of silhouette cutting, go to

Ruth will also be displaying silhouettes and other artwork at the library in August.

Couple in Double

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