Knits & Pieces

With the end of summer approaching, our thoughts are being drawn to keeping our county warmly clothed. Whether school is in session or not, there will still be a need for warm hats and mittens for those small heads and small hands! We feel there will also be a greater need for the elders in our community and for those of us out of work and in need due to Covid-19. The Belfast Soup Kitchen is already feeding more of our fellow citizens. The need is great and there are several agencies who will be able to distribute as much as we are able to provide.

So please, get your needles and crochet hooks going. We are not currently collecting at the library, but we will be asking you to bring them in at a future date so that we may get them where they are needed. Thank you so much!

Simple 2-needle mittens: 3-4 yrs,  4-6 yrs, & 6-8 yrs.
A simple pattern for hats can be found here. Watch cap pattern.  Bear Hat pattern.


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