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July Exhibit

We are fortunate this month to have two exhibitors at the library:

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Kate Valleau moved to Liberty over twenty years ago and was one of the library’s first Volunteers. She usually gives away her beading jewelry, but this month she is selling them for two causes dear to her heart. The money will be split between the Liberty Library and the Dana Farber’s Jimmy Fund. Kate is walking a marathon in September with a goal to raise $1500. Having had Hodgkin’s disease in 1997 and a meningioma brain tumor in 2007, Dana Farber has been very good to her. Kate asks that you buy a little something for someone who loves libraries or who has been touched by cancer.

Rainy Tide 1 – click to enlarge

Kate’s friend, Lori Taylor, lives in Searsmont. She has a degree in Art Education. Lori finds time to do art amidst her busy life with husband, two children, career, and a dog. The past several years, she has focused on Encaustic Wax painting because it results in a dreamy, soft, and visually mysterious pieces that draw viewers into the layers of wax. Nature is her inspiration. “My art is an extension of my heart, mind, and soul.” Lori’s artwork is also for sale, and she is donating a percentage of sales to the library.

Cedar for jewelry displays were donated by Duane Jewett, Dewey Lumber.

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