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Hometown Visit

Liberty Maple June

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Kris Engman will be exhibiting paintings during June. In her work, Kris explores various subjects and different materials as a painter of the Maine landscape. Design elements are the basis for applying color in her landscape and still life paintings – patterns, repetitions, grids and dots. These various combinations are the foundational structure that leads the viewer to an awareness of shallow space, texture and repetition through complex constructions that feel simple. A limited palette imitates the seasonally shifting behaviors in the terrain in and around Waldo County, Maine.

The essential concern in every painting is color behavior and finding color balance. Much of the work derives directly from the landscape of Liberty – Cargill Pond, True’s Pond, Marshall Shores Road, the woods behind the Cannery, etc.

Kris was born in New England, educated at the Maine College of Art, the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Pennsylvania. She traveled extensively throughout Europe and taught in the Hungarian Public Schools and at various colleges throughout the Northeast. She lives in Liberty and teaches in the Art Department at the University of Maine in Orono. Visit her website at www.kerstinengman.com

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