Coping with Browntail Moths

web of browntail moth

Close-up of overwintering web of browntail moth in ornamental crabapple (Maine Forest Service Photo, February 2017)

Monday, February 25, 6:30pm
Julie and Peter Beckford, organic farmers in Liberty, have attended two talks on browntail moths and are now on high alert looking for the winter webs in our local landscape.  They will share what they have learned in this informal, neighbor-to-neighbor presentation. This is a good time of year to learn to identify and remove webs from trees before they become a hazard.

The European browntail moth has been in Maine in isolated pockets for one hundred years but is now rapidly expanding its range.  The caterpillar hairs, which go airborne, are extremely irritating to many people.  Become aware of this hazard and do your best to avoid unnecessary exposure. Brochures from the Maine Forest Service will be available at the library.


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